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The purpose of J. A. Oliveira is to promote and carry out businesses between importers and exporters from different origins in the segment of the food and drinks categories, committing itself to be an option of "excellence" that looks after the execution of these operations in a complete and full way.

In order to do ourjob properly, e always seek to represent first-class exporters that outstand in their country of origin due to the quality of their products and the fulfillment of their contracts.

We select our importer customers, always trying to analyze the degree of integrity, competence and responsibility expressed in their actions. We also analyze the history of contracts fulfillment and the current financial situation.

We try to keep a level of relationship with our partners and collaborators that goes beyond the commercial aspects, aiming at strengthening our ties through friendship and respect.

Fortunately, throughout our history of more than 50 years, we have obtained the results of this job, building and creating relationships of real friendship, some of wich have gone beyond all these years of work, overcoming the barriers of generations and time.

And we will certainly have more harvests; this is what makes our business WORTHWHILE!


The company has its headquarters on Av. Brigadeiro Faria Lima, 2894 - 6° floor - room 61/62, Jardim Paulistano - Sao Paulo - SP Zip code: 01452-938 - Brazil.
Tel: 55-11-3079-4030/ Fax: 55-11-3079-5022 - E-mail: jao@jaoliveira.com.br


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